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Long term profitability for all types of businesses

Collier County offers various incentives to eligible businesses relocating or expanding here and our incentives program is outlined below.

The Basic Industry Growth Promotion Incentive recognizes Collier County’s desire for near-term job growth opportunities through the expansion of local companies and recruitment of new companies that may not necessarily qualify for the State of Florida’s Qualified Targeted Industries (QTI) program. Grants will be paid in installments over four years. The program is administered by the county manager or his designee. Application form.

The county Advanced Long-term Productivity Strategy Program (ALPS) is designed to expand Collier County’s competitiveness by attracting extraordinary high-value economic development projects to augment participation in the state’s Qualified Targeted Industries (QTI) program. Qualified applicants may participate in the ALPS Incentive if the project creates at least 25 new jobs whose average wage meets or exceeds 150 percent of the county’s average wage. The program is administered by the county manager or his or her designee and award payments are subject to availability of funds. Application form.

Collier County offers qualifying applicant’s eligibility to the CID Incentive as an inducement grant providing a benefit equivalent of up to 100 percent of the value of the transportation impact fees actually assessed and remitted for business space that directly houses the occupancy of a target industry business. The CID Incentive provides four equal annual installments of the grant amount. Application form.

Florida’s Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund (QTI) program is designed to encourage high-skills job creation and encourage the growth of low-impact, light-industrial, corporate-headquarters type enterprises, and other targeted industries. QTI provides a basic incentive per job for each new job created, with bonuses available for jobs with higher than required wages, jobs located in certain areas and jobs in certain high-impact sectors.

Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IRDBs) are securities issued by the Collier County Industrial Development Authority, for the purpose of financing capital projects for companies. That debt is a liability of the respective company, not the local governmental agency.