Fast Track Program

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The Collier County Fast Track Program is an expedited review program to encourage and support economic development by streamlining the development process, providing process certainty, reducing approval times, and providing a central point of contact. Approved fast track projects receive priority review.

Collier County's Target Industries

By helping companies from the economy's targeted industries grow, the Office of Business & Economic Development is diversifying the county’s economy and believe we offer these industries a competitive advantage.

Numerous companies relocate their main administrative headquarters to the county to benefit from the local stability and lifestyle. Collier County is a base for companies including ArthrexLinga, ex-IT Technologies. Structure Medical LLCBeasley Media Group Inc and SkyLink Data Centers.

Firms in Collier’s Cleantech cluster, which includes solar energy, water supply, and environmental conservation services, generated $89.5 million in earnings in 2022 with a total Gross Regional Product (the total value added generated in Collier County) of 117.7 million in 2022.

This cluster accounted for 1,058 jobs in 2023. Stahlman-England Irrigation is a major investor in this cluster.



This cluster continues to gain importance, as $518.4M (compared to $473 million in 2021) in earnings and $961.1 million (compared to $884 million in 2021) in gross regional product was generated in 2022. Collier County is estimated to have generated 5,502 manufacturing jobs in 2023 while other similarly sized counties generated 14,321 manufacturing jobs, showing the room for additional investment in the cluster. The medical device industry continues as the manufacturing cluster’s investment magnet. Competitive firms in this cluster include ArthrexLenkbar LLCPelican Wire Co. Inc., The Liquid Plant Inc, The Naples Canning Co, and Azimuth Technologies LLC

The County is actively promoting advanced manufacturing uses in all three Innovation Zones.



This cluster is a small innovative one that can diversify the local economy and includes testing laboratories, medical laboratories, dental laboratories, and diagnostic imaging centers. The cluster is seen as a hotspot as an area this size should have 612 employees, however, Collier’s cluster generated 1,103 jobs in 2023. The total gross regional product in 2022 was $279 million ( up from $235 million in 2021). Competitive local firms in this cluster include Radiology Regional Centres and Labcorp Drug Development.

Collier County is home to a competitive cluster of firms vying for Federal Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security Contracts. Contractors located in Collier County that were awarded contracts from the Department of Defense or the Department of Homeland Security were awarded almost $112 million in contracts in 2023 (up from $105 million in 2022). Firms including Oakes Farms Food Service & Distribution, Mavrex LLC, Horne Creative Group Inc, RHYFEL Inc., Eagle Engineering, and Pinter Memorials are penetrating the defense and homeland security industry from Collier County, which has one of the state’s lowest crime rates – a critical factor for the safety and security this industry requires for contractors.



This is a smaller cluster that includes firms in flight training, aircraft manufacturing, aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing, other aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment, and other support activities for Air transport that is currently contracting. In 2022 this cluster generated $12.7 million in gross regional product (compared to $56.6 million in 2018). This cluster also generated 74 jobs in 2023 compared to 224 in 2018. This is a frigid local sector as other peer Counties generated an average of 628 jobs in 2023, revealing an existing investment gap.  Firms such as Air Technology Engines, IncImmaculate Flight, Naples Air Center, Global Flight Training Solutions, and JET1 Charter Inc, call Collier County home.



In 2022, this cluster generated $439.8 million in gross regional product and generated 1,329 jobs in 2023. Local firms such as Communications International Inc and Streamline Internet are located in this cluster.



This cluster is among one of the more advanced in the region. In 2023, 15,859 people were employed locally in this industry, which generated $4.9 billion in gross regional product in 2022. The cluster doubled its Gross Regional Product between 2008 and 2022. There is also a growing innovative sub-cluster that is pursuing financial innovations, including cyber currency.



Qualifying Application Types

Qualifying applications are development orders or permits, that include, but are not limited to:

  • Rezone petitions, including those for planned unit developments and amendments.
  • Construction plans and final subdivision plats and amendments.
  • Site development plans and amendments.
  • Building permits, including corresponding zoning, engineering, environmental, transportation, and fire code reviews.

Prospective Fast Track Program applicants should contact the Collier EDO to determine if your project qualifies.