The Facility

Image of Culinary Accelerator's Kitchen

A world-class commercial culinary kitchen.

With years of careful planning, we have left nothing to chance with our world-class commercial culinary kitchen. Our chefs and management team have carefully selected only the best equipment to fill our facility. Becoming a member gives you total access to the facility for your culinary creation needs.

Our Equipment

We have an extensive list of equipment in the kitchen. Members have access to all areas of the kitchen. Looking for a specific piece of equipment? Just ask. If we don’t have it now, it may be already planned for future purchase.

Download Equipment List

  • 5 Prep Tables
  • 3 Prep Sinks
  • Produce Soak/Wash Sink with Wash Solution & Jets
  • Commercial Slicer (Moveable)
  • Blast Chiller
  • Berkley Food Processor (Moveable)
  • Powered Lettuce Spinner/Dryer
  • Bun Rack/Speed Cart
  • Ceiling and Wall Electrical Outlets
  • Ice Machine (Available to All Kitchens)
  • Impulse Bag Sealer
  • Vacuum Packing Machine (VP680)
  • Heal Seal Film Machine
  • Bun Rack Cart
  • Alto-Shaam 2-door smoker/roaster/hot hold
  • S. Range 6 Burner Range with Oven
  • Vulcan Flat Top Griddle
  • Magi Gas Grill Charbroiler
  • Blodgett Double Stack Convection Oven
  • 3 Prep Tables
  • True Double Stack Refrigerator
  • True Double Stack Freezer
  • Hobart Legacy Mixer (H1200/Moveable)
  • Food Prep Sink
  • Doyon 2-door proofer oven (Fits 2 full-sized bun rack carts)
  • Garland Large 4 Burner Range with Oven
  • Electrolux Combination (Steam/Oven)
  • 4 – Bun Rack Carts
  • 2 – Large Center Prep Table with Built-in Shelf
  • Prep Table
  • Hobart Legacy Floor Mix (HL300)
  • Hobart Table-Top Mixer (N50/Moveable)
  • Commercial Microwave (Moveable)
  • Food Prep Sink
  • Speakman Emergency Wash Station


  • 6 – Refrigeration Units with shelving
  • 4 – Refrigerated Bun Rack Carts
  • Refrigerated Daily Use Shelves (Included with Membership)
  • 12 – Refrigerated shelves in a shared unit


  • 12 – Freezer Shelves


  • 6 – Storage Cages (31”x47”x55”)

IFAS Food Lab

  • Staffed by a University of Florida Food Scientist
  • Various Services Including Water Activity Meter, pH Level Studies, Etc.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Scales, Refrigeration, Lab Materials


  • 3 – Office Pods with Light, Power Connection, Chair, Desk
  • Conference Desk with Chairs
  • 2 – Office Mac Computers
  • iPad Check-in Interface
  • Network Printer
  • Coffee, Snacks, Microwave
  • Business Wi-Fi