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Membership-based commercial kitchen space and services

The Florida Culinary Accelerator

The Florida Culinary Accelerator @ Immokalee is a joint effort between several government-regulated agencies. Basically, we took care of most of the expensive and timely permits and regulations to run the facility so you can focus on building your food-based business.


Potential Product List

There are a few permits and regulations we are required to gather from our members in order to remain compliant. 

Expand the list below to view the allowed culinary products you can produce at the Florida Culinary Accelerator @ Immokalee and the required documents we must have prior to completing your membership. If you have questions about a specific product not listed below, please contact us.

  • Breads, Cakes & Bakery Items
  • Jams & Jellies
  • Fruit Pies
  • Dried Fruits
  • Herbs & Seasonings
  • Pastas
  • Trail Mixes & Granolas
  • Coated & Uncoated Nuts
  • Vinegars
  • Popcorn Products
  • Sauces & Salsas
  • Dips & Spreads
  • Juices*
  • Snacks & Snack Foods
  • Non Meat Salads (Wet and Dry)
  • Cereals
  • Prepared Foods ( low meat %)
  • Fish & Seafood Products
  • Processed Vegetables
  • Pet Food (Human grade)
  • And Much more!

Joining is as easy as 1, 2, 3!



Online now

Fill out your official Florida Culinary Accelerator @ Immokalee application! Please click below to begin the application. Contact us with questions. The management team is ready to help participants start cooking.

Each participant application will go through a review committee before approval.



Permits & documents


Product details

Not all items are required

  • Product Concept Outline
  • Food Safety Considerations
  • Formulations
  • Recipes
  • Market Labeling
  • Packaging