Membership Options

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Membership Levels & Pricing

We offer flexible membership levels. Sign up today

Start-Up Level

10 hours per month

You’re ready to start but you only need 10 or less hours every month in the kitchen. Start-up level is for you.

Innovator Level

20 hours per month

A perfect option for the up-and-coming food professional. Full access for 20 hours per month.

Professional Level

40 hours per month

Perfect for established companies looking to increase their production output and handling.

Diamond Level

60 hours per month

With up to 60 hours per month in the kitchen, you’ll be cooking up success. Need more hours? See below.

Immokalee Residents are permitted to use the facility for 5 hours per month for $75 per month.  This is part of our initiative to encourage new and aspiring food-based businesses in the Immokalee area to grow and thrive at our Culinary Accelerator.

Do you like the idea of the Culinary Accelerator and want to support the cause? Are you starting your own business, but you aren’t ready to commit to a full membership? Become an affiliate for $25 per month.  This will allow you to attend networking events, rent storage space, and work towards becoming a full level member at your own pace.

Do you need more than 60 hours each month to grow your culinary empire? Our Michelin level is for you. With 80+ hours per month, your business will blossom!