Opportunity Naples

Implementation Committee

The Opportunity Naples Steering Committee has been critical to the success of this initiative, shaping the
strategy through various feedback channels and meeting sessions. Representing a broad group of
community leaders from the public and private sectors, the Committee was responsible for reviewing
project deliverables, providing feedback, and participating in discussions about the future direction of
Greater Naples.

Key Initiatives

  • Ensure public and private leadership coalesces around the need for implementing a comprehensive community and quality job development initiative.

  • Develop a comprehensive internal marketing campaign stating the specific benefits of quality development and job creation.

  • Work with existing Collier County businesses to ensure they are competitive in the marketplace and creating quality jobs.

  • Market Greater Naples as a competitive location for business to state and national decision-makers.

  • Optimize the Pre-K to 20 training pipeline in Collier County to keep youth on track to bright futures.

  • More effectively communicate the dynamics of Collier County’s business climate

  • Identify, assess, promote, and enhance Collier County’s supply of development sites.