Virtual Membership

We are not accepting any additional members at this time. If you have any questions about the cohort program, please contact Erica Swafford at [email protected]

Program Resources

The Accelerator is a six-month training program. For members who wish to reapply to further their growth, we will try to be accommodating.

Our program offers a team of mentors who have priceless experience in Entrepreneurship. These individuals are the most valuable tools for members as they navigate through the journey of growing and scaling a startup.

At acceptance, each member will be assigned an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. This mentor will oversee and guide you through your cohort, also providing an additional group of contacts to refer to for specific needs. 


Florida Gulf Coast University student interns are available to assist program members with building social media, integrating QuickBooks, building websites, SEO, online advertising, and more. The interns will be matched to participants based on need and capability. 

The program offers Biweekly Training Workshops that are designed to cover topics and challenges that all startups face. These adaptable workshops are specific to the needs of the majority in the program and are offered virtually.

The program offers 25+ hours of pre-recorded training videos and content that can be viewed on-demand to support members as needed. The material is from previous Biweekly Training Workshops and the School of Entrepreneurship.

Demo day is an opportunity for members to showcase and pitch their companies to potential angel investors and venture capital groups. This will take place twice a year at the end of each six-month program.