Culinary Accelerator @ Immokalee

An exterior shot of the Culinary Accelerator @ Immokalee

The Florida Culinary Accelerator @ Immokalee is a county managed state-of-the-art commercial shared kitchen and production space located in Immokalee Florida (about 30 minutes away from Naples). The 5,274-square-foot facility offers shared-use cooking and food processing space, dry and cold storage for a broad array of products, produce, sauces, baked goods, juices, and beverages. Our members range from a spice company to coffee roasters, produce, gluten-free, and other baking businesses, as well as dehydrated and pet foods. 

The accelerator provides members with mentors who can help with nutrition, food safety, food testing, business plans, and more. Our licensing help allows members to overcome the challenges of complying with local, state, and federal food safety regulations while ensuring safer products for consumers. So far, we've helped more than 75 chefs and food startups.

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