Fast Track Program

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The Collier County Fast Track Program is an expedited review program to encourage and support economic development by streamlining the development process, providing process certainty, reducing approval times, and providing a central point of contact. Approved fast track projects receive priority review.

Eligible Fast Track Projects

Eligible Fast Track projects are those that create new or expand primary employer businesses. Primary employers are businesses that create a product or service that is principally sold outside of a region to generate new money and profits in the region. Retail, restaurant, and hospitality are excluded.

Numerous companies relocate their main administrative headquarters to the county to benefit from the local stability and lifestyle. Collier County is a base for companies including ArthrexBenseron Information Technologies, ex-IT Technologies. Haynes Corp. Structure Medical LLC, ASG Technologies, Beasley Media Group Inc and SkyLink Data Centers

Collier County has significant wetlands and other environmental resources and therefore this cluster’s promotion is critical for the region’s long-term development. Firms in Collier’s cleantech cluster, which includes solid waste recycling, solar energy and petroleum refineries, generated almost $22 million in earnings in 2019, with total Gross Regional Product (the total value added generated in Collier County) of $36 million in 2019. This cluster accounted for over 300 jobs in 2019. The Seminole tribe is a major investor in this cluster.

This cluster is gaining importance, as over $395 million in earnings and $700 million in gross regional product was generated in this cluster in 2019. Local manufacturers are more dynamic in employment than the nationwide performance. Between 2018 and 2019, local manufacturing employment grew by 5.3% compared to 1% nationally during this period. Recently, the medical device industry is the cluster’s investment magnet. Competitive firms in this cluster include Lenkbar LLC, Pelican Wire Co. Inc., Aculux Inc., and Cobham Aeroflex Airflyte. The County is actively promoting advanced manufacturing uses in the Golden Gate Economic Development Zone as well as the Innovation Activity Centre Overlay (at the intersection of the I-75 and Collier Boulevard).

This cluster is a small innovative one that can diversify the local economy and includes clinical laboratories and radiologic technologists. The total gross regional product in 2019 was almost $31 million and employed 250 workers.

There were 118 defense contractors located in Collier County in 2018, which generated over $41 million in contracts that year. This is a massive increase from $4 million in contracts generated from 37 contractors in 2000. Firms including Azimuth Technology LLC and All Around Access LLC. are penetrating the defense and homeland security industry from Collier County, which has one of the state’s lowest crime rates – a critical factor for the safety and security this industry requires for contractors.

This is a smaller cluster which includes firms in flight training, as well as aircraft parts manufacturing. Firms such as Cobham Aeroflex Airflyte, Parker-Hannifin, London Aviation Group, and Naples Jet Center call Collier County home. In 2019, this cluster generated almost $50 million in gross regional product and over 200 jobs. 

There is a nascent Information technology cluster in Collier County. Position Logic and Golden Tech are competitive global firms. In 2019, this cluster, which includes internet and software publishing and computer systems designers, generated over $150 million in gross regional product and employed over 630 people.

This cluster is among one of the more advanced in the region. In 2019, over 13,000 people were employed locally in this industry, which generated almost $2 billion in gross regional product. The cluster grew at double the national pace between 2018 and 2019. There is also a growing innovative sub-cluster that is pursuing financial innovations, including cyber currency.

Qualifying Application Types

Qualifying applications are development orders or permits, that include, but are not limited to:

  • Rezone petitions, including those for planned unit developments and amendments.
  • Construction plans and final subdivision plats and amendments.
  • Site development plans and amendments.
  • Building permits, including corresponding zoning, engineering, environmental, transportation, and fire code reviews.

Prospective Fast Track Program applicants should contact the Collier EDO to determine if your project qualifies.